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keep it simple stupid
May 16, 2009, 12:01 am
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“I was just saying the other day how bloody stupid it is now with cable, freeview, dvd, wii and everything, that to turn on the tv takes 3 remotes sometimes, fiddling with AV settings, and to change channel and adjust the volume can take a further scrabble around for two more. How many buttons do we really need ?? I said i wanted an iPhone Remote app where i can select the buttons i actually want to use and stick the others on the second page. Then anyone in the room can just grab their phone ( usually sitting obediently next us – day and night ) whenever the ads come on. If the old iPod can do everything it needs with one swivel thingy then surely you tv dudes could think about it. Or will it take Apple to design the whole tv for you as well?”



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