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Luke Hallam
January 1, 2010, 8:50 pm
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I love these painrings, because of rhino is one of my favorite animals, maybe.. Whatever, they’re just beautiful.
Here is the artist’s statement:
“The direction of my current work includes a focus on global habitat destruction. My Rhinos provide a metaphor for the fragility of our own existence.Loose abstract landscapes employ light washes, runs, drips and splashes – at times worked back to lighter shades with Gesso. Overlaid with realistic translucent figures, created by airbrushing light layers of opaque inks. Allowing the landscape to show through the figures, emphasising the finite existence we all ultimately share on earth.

What is an Airbrush?

A miniature, hand-held paint sprayer. Historically used for retouching photographs and commercial art production.

Paint or ink is atomised and propelled from the Airbrush by compressed air. Paint flow is controlled by a constantly variable trigger, allowing for precise paint application in skilled hands.”

Focal Point 2 Ink and Gesso on canvas

Comply Ink and Gesso on canvas

Haze Ink and Gesso on canvas

Focal Point Ink and Gesso on canvas

Wary Ink and Gesso on canvas

Masquerade Ink and Gesso on canvas


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these are really impressive images

Comment by kseverny

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