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Boats and Apes Galore

Boats and Apes

“It’s rough on the streets. On the streets, you’re on your own. When you want to do some art in the streets, you get arrested. But first, you get slapped in the face for not being original! Holy cripes you just wrote your name like everybody else. Look at this, though, this lady right here, Nina Wehrle, aka one half of “It’s Raining Police,” they paint boats and monkeys. Boats and monkeys! Ships and apes! Check out the whole collection of things they’ve done below, all done within the last year.

If Shepard Fairey did it, you’d better not do it. If Banksy did it, don’t do it. If Andy Warhol did it, do it over and over again. If noone’s done it, do it, do it so hard. Do it with boats, and do it with monkeys. Do it with stickers, and do it with spray. Do it with ink, and do it with paint.

And do it with class. Look at the elegance of this lovely campaign!

Made in Diplomarbeit. Good luck finding that.”

This post is part of the World Famous Design Junkies painting category.


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