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andre herrero
July 4, 2010, 10:18 pm
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An amazing fashion photographer, Andre Herrero.

Ray-Ban: Rare Prints campaign

Ray-ban rare prints by Kele Dobrinski

Ames Bros

Matt W. Moore

Aesthetic Apparatus

Vahalla Studios

images are taken from sütkutusu

an evening in jail with ck calvin klein

“With an area size of merely 699 square kilometres nationwide, event venues can only get this exciting in Singapore. The National Museum of Singapore? Check. The Old Parliament House? Check. The top level of a multi-storey carpark? Check. A dilapidated jailhouse once home to convicts? Now that has got to be a first. I was pleasantly surprised when I first received the invite.

ck Calvin Klein
and the brands’ Global Creative Director, Kevin Carrigan, were to present a fashion experience in Singapore on the grounds of the Queenstown Remand Prison for its Spring 2010 collection. Seriously? Quite evidently, it was not an event I could bear to miss.

For the evening, the historic former prison was transformed into a sleek event space to preview Carrigan’s Spring 2010 ck Calvin Klein apparel and accessory offerings, which were featured on more than twenty models who were dramatically positioned on linear platforms within the cell block of the former prison. Featured on the interior and exterior walls and in the cells of the venue, were a new series of visually stunning, large-scale video installations featuring the Spring 2010 line, which were created by acclaimed Singaporean photographer and director Geoff Ang, who was also in attendance.

Attended by the discerning guests spanning the worlds of fashion, art architecture and entertainment, the event was also graced by ck Calvin Klein models, Liu Wen and Mark Cox, President & CEO, Calvin Klein, Inc., Tom Murray. Others spotted included actors Ethan Ruan (dressed in ck Calvin Klein) and Allan Wu; actress Cynthia Koh; as well as Ong Beng Seng & Christina Ong, Sharon Tan, Alicia Scanlon, Francesca Scarpa, Christine Pillsbury, Celina Lin (dressed in ck Calvin Klein), Alwyn Chong, Chan Soo Khian, Ling Foo, Michael & Chiwen Koh, Lai Yong Lawrence, Resham Melwani, Claudia Huegel, Devesh & Asha Chetty, Lelya Eichelberger, Tan Su Shan, George Tanasijevich, Kaori & Ray Zage, Shareen Khattar, Moira Coops, Olga Iserlis, Alice Ooi, Chris Wilson, Gaurav Kripalani, Jo Soh, Wykidd Song, and Ernesto Bedmar.”

by Pat Law™

Diesel says Be Stupid

Jeans brands love a manifesto. Diesel has a new one, which is a call to arms to, um… Be Stupid. Summed up in the film below, the new manifesto basically sees ‘stupid’ pitted against ‘smart’, with smart in this context meaning stuffy, risk-averse, geeky, while ‘stupid’ means brave, daring, and creative. “To be stupid is to be brave, when you risk something, that’s stupid,” says the manifesto. “The stupid aren’t afraid to fail. Why? Because they’re stupid! We think that you are probably pretty stupid too.”

The manifesto includes reference to Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel, who built his manufacturing empire by initially selling jeans that looked secondhand. “Renzo Rosso is stupid,” says the Be Stupid manifesto. “Stupid is motoring around in your Ford transit and visiting shop owner after shop owner, trying to sell your brand new denim made to look worn. ‘It’s a sign of innovation. When you are already doing the things nobody even thinks about.’ That’s a very stupid quote, Mister Rosso. Respect.”

The campaign is backed up by a series of posters (a selection of which are shown here) shot by photographers Kristin Vicari, Melodie McDaniel and Chris Buck, each showing examples of people ‘acting stupid’. In addition to this, Diesel are trying to recruit ‘stupid people’ (though judging by the call for entries, which asks if you “are you doing something particuarly stupid right now…like starting a band, building a tree house or creating an art installation”, are in fact simply creative people) to be part of a forthcoming music video that will feature the new Diesel collection.

Created by Anomaly (who recently picked up the Sony account from Fallon), the campaign certainly takes a more bombastic approach than previous Diesel campaigns, which have been more noteworthy for their style than their taglines. But while it may be eyecatching, when we’re all fed a regular diet of genuine stupidity via the media and TV most days already, will the ‘Be Stupid’ tag just prove grating? Or is everyone in fact longing to out themselves as stupid to Diesel?

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My dream collection
January 13, 2010, 12:53 pm
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Vans x Rowley x Sex Pistols Spring 2010 Collection

Chanel Samurai Armor by Tetsuya Noguchi
January 13, 2010, 9:49 am
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“It would be silly to think that feudal Japanese warriors would need a high fashion branded armor in times of battle. We do however appreciate the craft that goes into making such a protective war piece. As a tribute to luxury label Chanel, Tetsuya Noguchi crafted a samurai armor made from resin, cashew lacquer, cloth, and glass. The double “C” Chanel logo is ever present in the piece located on the chest. Not sure if the armor was ever commissioned, but the craft is undoubtedly superb and just cool to look at.”