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predator sculpture (Michel de Broin, Superficielle)

“Mirror, glue, cement / Vosges, Alsace, France

Upon invitation to reflect on the notion of transparency, that led me into the forest to envelop the contour of a large stone with fragments of mirror.  The large stone, tucked away deep in the woods, became a reflective surface for its surroundings.  In this play of splintered radiance, the rock disappears in its reflections. Because it reflects one cannot be mislead by its presence, yet we cannot seize it, rather it is the rock that reflects us.”

Animated Magnetic Fields

If it is scientifically possible, it’s really cool! I wish it could be used as movie effects.

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Pixel Art Dice Animation

The video for Fujiya & Miyagi – Ankle Injuries, so much detail and amazing colours. By Director Wade Shotter of Joy Rider Films.

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May 9, 2009, 4:23 pm
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Spanish born, Bernardí Roig creates beautiful multi-media installations that boggle the mind.

Bernardí Roig is obsessed with death and immortality with aesthetics and eroticism, and with the “idee fixe” that the thinking man must reclaim his forfeited ability to relate to one another on an intimate level. He realizes that to truly communicate, we need a dialogue of more than the spoken word.

I know their aims are very different, but I think the way that he uses fluorescent lamps are similar with Dan Flavin:

Extreme Sheep LED Art
March 18, 2009, 10:29 pm
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We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. Of sorts. For more info search for samsung LED TV or visit”

Pencils made from cremated humans

A freaky idea, but it’s cool. “Artist Nadine Jarvis can create pencils from the carbon of human cremains. ‘240 pencils can be made from an average body of ash’. Just think — after you die, you can live on through other people’s sketchbooks!”



March 13, 2009, 1:47 am
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If you like art of illusion, it’s an amazing video of a monumental projection show. These guys create 3D illusion by using a simple projector and, using enourmous buildings or just a sidewalk as a screen makes their work more interesting. By the way, nice music…