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Metapolis dance & architecture performance

Frédéric Flamand Zaha Hadid Ballet National de Marseille Dance and Architecture performance.

Using the green box technology, they displace the green parts on the lighted area with another texture or image on the screen.

YMYI (you move you interact) Centro Cultural Vila Flor 2008 Digital Art Exhibition

No Man’s Festival
March 17, 2009, 4:06 am
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This is a video of an annual spring festival in Istanbul. Actually, I found it interesting, because it is not supported by any corporation or institution. These people wear their costumes, take their instruments, pois and juggling balls to the street and enjoy spring. I like the idea behind the festival that is associated with the film, “Noviembre” (Alfredo and his friends try to perform a free theater show in streets by going against authority.). It is so nice to see people’s spirit and unity in an independent organization like this.