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Revolutionair wind turbines are explicitly for domestic use
January 29, 2010, 4:56 pm
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French designer Philippe Starck has unveiled two micro wind-power turbines called “Revolutionair” aimed at domestic use.

starck wind turbine 1

Often the big wind turbines do not fit into the scheme of things if you are thinking to install one at your living place. Just to ensure that you go on with your intent, Philippe Starck unveiled two wind-turbine designs that are helix-shaped and quadrangular, and are too sleek to bedeck any abode. Dubbed as Revolutionair, these wind turbines can be put in gardens, roofs or yards.

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la amarilla de ronda olive oil by philippe starck

Olive Oil by Philippe Starck

Designer Philippe Starck and enologist Michel Rolland have collaborated to create an ecologically produced La Amarilla de Ronda (LA) organic extra virgin olive oils from Andalucia, Spain.

The project grew as a result of mutual friend Pedro Gomez de Baeza’s hobby of making the oils on a small scale at his family estate and presenting them as holiday gifts. Decades of pressure from gift recipients to take the oils to a wider audience encouraged Mr. Baeza to call upon Rolland to help him create the perfect blends to best pair with a wide variety of foods. Longtime friend Starck volunteered to ensure that the package reflected the quality of the product inside.

Philippe Starck created the unique, slender tins to be reminiscent of books. The design incorporates the qualities of water-tightness and impermeability to light and have a protective inner layer of lacquer in order to preserve the qualities of these exquisite oils.

The olive oil is available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 3L tins.
Olive Oil by Philippe Starck
Olive Oil by Philippe Starck