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VA 301: corporate identity design project

Our new project is corporate identity design, so we should create a new brand.

I want to design a corporate identity for a new contemporary art gallery that has a gift shop, thus there will be wide opportunities on designing objects:


business cards


nylon bags for the gift shop

pen and pencil



Murat Durusoy

an M.A degree in Visual Arts at Sabancı University.


The first thing attracting our attention in Murat Durusoy’s photographs is that the images are reproduced by deformation of images with analogue methods or remediation through computer. This reproduction process begins with the artist’s selecting the images which are appealing to him in content or form among those he shot or encountered in visual communication platforms. Works in the exhibition imply a lack which we may often feel when we encounter with its visual or literal representations. The works can be read as the reflections of the desire that we feel for the objects that we direct this lack and the artist calls this desire “love”. The most important common feature of these works is that each of them carries a formal ambiguity disrupting the transparency of the image and evokes a sense of familiarity in the audience with their content.”

Elif Gül Tirben